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Bracelets can go a long way towards a disguise, lend

beauty and temerity to the ankle, the stout and sturdy wharves

of the port town. Through visual clues one is funneled in.

Too weak to hold our weapons any longer

no matter how fast we can crawl or how high up sit, through

a hedge of malnourished aethers food scraps run downhill

for the sake of nourishing the annoying rose-briars

which I guess we might describe as being that which merely happens.

Cows appear, curious relics of the linoleum age.

When you drew ice all over our house, instead of wilting

I remained crisp and you loved that about me. Spreading the butter

as far as it can reach, due to an optical illusion

brought down many pilots believing they had turned toward

something else. It’s a sad fate to love misdirection with gestures

one is too late to reel back. The same problems appear elsewhere

neither dressed nor even problems. What actually happens is

a collection of leftovers is only as strong as its newest addition.

Tamas Panitz is the author of several poetry books, most recently Wild Lies (New Books: 2023), and Vesuvio with Joel Newberger and Losarc Raal (New Books: 2023) Other books include Conversazione, interviews with Peter Lamborn Wilson (Autonomedia: 2022), and The Selected Poems of Charles Tomás; trans. w/ Carlos Lara (Schism: 2022). He now co-edits the journal NEW, which he co-founded. He is also the author of a pornographic novella, Mercury in Lemonade (New Smut Series: 2023). His paintings and stray poems can be found on instagram, @tamaspanitz.

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