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One Poem

How to salvage the catastrophe of learning

from all the other ones? This is not a new theory

of authenticity, nothing so piebald as that — it’s more

a way of coloring the plane

divided into sections by the Romance

of the Rose, the edges like petals that can

fall into step or a grocery bag

with equal indifference. I beg you, do not pretend

to the throne of the most-streamed artist — 

so many reps at the gym

go into that, so many refills

of the fog machine of the self, which, listen: one

time I was so afraid

of dying I bargained off some bad

outcomes on god, if he would let me live, and now

like The Lover, Diversion, Mirth & Gladness

I have to watch it all come true

Tom Snarsky is the author of the chapbooks Threshold (Another New Calligraphy) & Complete Sentences (Broken Sleep Books), as well as the full-length collections Light-Up Swan and Reclaimed Water (both from Ornithopter Press). His book A Letter From The Mountain & Other Poems is forthcoming from Animal Heart Press in 2025, and the title poem is available to read on Metatron Press’s GLYPHÖRIA platform. He lives in the mountains of northwestern Virginia with his wife Kristi and their cats. You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, & Bluesky @tomsnarsky.

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