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Murmurs At the Alter Past

Why a good movie is better than life is longing these 

modals aren’t going away curves the silver industrial. 


It keeps life interesting and less horrific in the real way it 

can be, the can sprinting up the stairs from the friend eye-



Murmurs at the alter past, no sci-fi tales about this place,

because we cannot extend to let in both a science and a

future to the constant wreckage. 


A blank about the place, is that easier to imagine, the 

heat making uninhabitable a climate too ruthless for love. 


Nitrate burns after all, and do you sainted think fire is 

purging or is it challenging, when it is only change, why

the phoenix should rise.


Sick really ill over the constant bird, how about it doesn’t 

return and things move on to science, cave, underground. 


Because you love the green-blue blur as air-conditioned 

theaters and their dark slippage show, when outside 

stepping into life, then into its acid ecstasy. 


But that it was a good movie is where I can kill and destroy

until exhaustive glee sets in having said and done am

redeemed by ambiguity’s half-light.


Feels up the decision for you in bending to curiosity’s 

influence, is highly manipulative of subject matter and 

what is your choice. 


I need the kind of town where I can get my rocks off

without too much trouble, never pay my tickets, and there 

is a statute of limitations on standing piecemeal ground.

Rachelle Rahmé is a lebanese-american writer, who writes in many places, New York City, Providence, Paris and Jounieh among them. Previous chaps include Count Thereof Upon the Other’s Limbs (73 Press, 2019), Puce Commodity (earthboung editions, 2020), and Bataille’s occupation poetry were published as 27 Poems on Death (o blek, 2021). She was a fellow at the St. Mark’s Poetry Project in 2021–2022 and is currently an MFA candidate in Literary Arts at Brown University. She has recorded music under the name Roe Enney. 

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