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for Lars Hundere

The expense of spirit is a waste of mojo.

It is imperative to invest that shit

wisely! Shun that heaving!

Skip to the dream.


There is no expenditure so grave

as that of mojo, and in all the world

there is no slighter return.

Need proof? Observe:


all wasters, parasites and drones—who knows

where such creatures in their goings glide?

What unheard-of appetites haunt their throats

and terrorize their loins?


Behold: their errands take them very far

from their treatments.

Thomas Crofts is from San Antonio, TX, and currently conducts his business in Johnson City, TN. His poetry has appeared in journals and anthologies including The Texas ObserverBorn MagazineNonBinary Review, and The Southern Poetry Anthology, vols. VI: Tennessee, and VIII: Texas. Poems and drafts may be found at

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