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“ANTIKYTHERA” bears the name of an Ancient Greek analog computer, used to track cosmic time and record & notate historical progress. This book is thus not a start, but a continuation of ongoing perceptual mapping and inquiry towards universal and somatic life-systems. It is also the third volume of a text-in-progress (the first parts of which have yet to appear). The supposition of “ANTIKYTHERA” is that the words we make now have always been under consideration alongside their deployments. The only change has been our capacity towards their (re)production—a development within our collective imaginaries—which has otherwise done nothing to drastically alter the bent of the species’ conversation. Commencing from a form derived from visual modes of production (which the author calls a “Panel”), Thom Eichelberger-Young moves swiftly—between documentary, critique, political attack, and diary—in order to pull on nerve strands from previous interlocutors (the rattled off list including: Outsider Art, LANGUAGE poetries, N.H. Pritchard’s shapes and sounds, Tina Darragh, Joan Retallack’s clinamen, amongst countless others) to document an ongoing always. “ANTIKYTHERA” is a transgressive reading experience often in flux. It’s gears are always changing, and its rules await discovery. 

Thom Eichelberger-Young (T E-Y) is an artist, editor, and student in the PhD program at SUNY Buffalo. Their work includes the books BESPOKE (Saint Andrews University Press, 2019), and TUPELO IS A GENUS OF DECIDUOUS TREE (Blue Bag Press, 2024. Thom also edits and operates Blue Bag Press, a chapbook publisher. Thom can be tracked on IG @beef_shortribs. ​

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